Welcome to Harmony Mind & Body

We all want to live a healthier lifestyle. Now, there is a safe and welcoming place to help you succeed: Harmony Mind and Body.

As a physical therapist with over 32 years of professional experience, I use integrative and holistic techniques in body and energy work to help your body and your mind release the blockages that may be interfering with your health and limiting your life’s activities.

My goal is to teach and empower you to foster a renewed faith in yourself, while energizing your natural ability to heal and to grow. Many of my clients are amazed at the results they achieve through our work together.

Let me help you create your best healthy lifestyle.

I read a statement some years ago from Mariel Hemingway. She said “Health is not about following a particular diet or health fad. It’s about looking at what is right for your individual physical, mental, and emotional makeup and to create the best healthy lifestyle for you.”