I understand, very well, what it feels like to need therapy and to need help in achieving the ability to function in everyday activities. In 2014 I had a head injury with a concussion and I developed post-concussion syndrome. This was a devastating time in my life limiting my ability to function in everyday activities and prohibiting me from working and being physically active. I sought medical help from physical and speech therapy and I received osteopath adjustments and cranio-sacral treatments.

During my recuperation I was able to reflect on my own life’s path. Experiencing the injury and working through the recovery gave me a different perspective on injuries and on treatments. It gave me a much closer view of clients’ injuries and conditions and I experienced the recovery process from a different perspective. I learned, for myself, how to recover.

I found that blending Western and Eastern medical approaches to be very beneficial in my healing process. Now, I can once again enjoy an active lifestyle, particularly outdoor activities. Some of my favorite activities include kayaking, hiking, skiing, cycling, and running. I have run in races from 5k to half-marathons and completed a sprint triathlon. I spend quiet moments working in my garden and walking my dog.

I now use both Western and Eastern approaches to provide a holistic integrated approach to assist all my clients. My passion is to empower my clients to participate in transforming their own health and achieving a more joyful and healthier life. Even though you may be dealing with everyday stress or with a chronic illness, my goal is to help you create a balanced and harmonious life.

My Credentials

BS Physical Therapy Simmons College

MA license Physical Therapy

STARS Cancer Rehabilitation Certified

CAPP1: APTA in Pelvic Health

Core Energetics certified

Reiki Master

Cranio-sacral Therapy: Upledger Institute

CPR and AED certified