These are the integrated holistic techniques I use in my practice:

Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on technique that releases deep tensions in the whole body. As a result, there is an improvement in general health and increased energy as tensions are released. Tension may occur in the body as well as the cranio-sacral system from strain to ligaments or joints, traumatic injuries (for example a concussion), or other dysfunctions. During treatment, the touch is very gentle and light, which may be undetectable, yet you will have a sense of well-being and relaxation at the end.

Visceral Mobilization is a hands-on technique that stretches the soft tissue, including the connective tissue that surrounds the internal organs. This increases the movement of the tissue. Restricted connective tissue within and between organs can influence joint and muscle movement. Some of the problems this treatment can help is to reduce abdominal pain, acid reflux, neck, and mid-back pain.

Myofascial Release Therapy is a hands-on technique that relieves tension to muscles, nerves, joints, and bones. It improves health and decreases pain and stress. The technique uses gentle stretching to the soft tissue that releases the blockages, restrictions, and tightness, that is caused by scarring and injury. Soft tissue includes muscles, fascia, and connective tissue. This technique can improve flexibility and range of motion while reducing pain.

Scar Mobilization is a gentle hands-on technique using Myofascial Release Therapy (see above) to release restrictions in the soft tissue around the scar. Soft tissue includes muscles and connective tissue. Restrictions may occur during the healing process after surgery (particularly abdominal or reproductive surgery) or trauma. Soft tissues that are restricted may result in loss of joint motion, pain, numbness, tingling, or dysfunction in joints and muscles.

Reiki healing therapyReiki is a gentle hands-on (or just off the body) technique that triggers the body’s natural healing ability. Reiki helps restore emotional or physical balance and can address blockages that create health problems. This process improves and maintains wellness of the mind, body and spirit. Stress reduction, relaxation, improved sleep, and pain relief are some of the benefits experienced.

Stress Management Guidance is a comprehensive program to address the physical, chemical, or emotional factors (stressors) that impact the stability and balance of bodily function. Body or emotional unrest may weaken the immune system and can lead to illnesses including colds, infections, and diseases. It can also weaken wound healing. Techniques include meditation, mindfulness education, and Reiki.

Mindfulness is a state of attention on the present moment. It is living in the moment. Being mindful enables you to observe your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Whenever you feel upset or worried, take a few deep breaths and try to refocus your thoughts back to the present moment.

Meditation is a calming activity used to clear the mind and promote relaxation and stress reduction. It may be performed in quiet sitting or in movement with walking. It has been noted to ease health concerns associated with high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and post-concussion.

Core Energetics uses a variety of techniques to release blockages that may be associated with physical, emotional and/or spiritual pain and dysfunction.

Balance Retraining includes stretches and strengthening exercises and balance activities to boost your muscle function and equilibrium. This will improve your safety and everyday activity level. Balance enables the body to remain upright on a variety of surfaces and environments. It is an important skill for all ages and a loss of balance can result in an injury and loss of independence.

Fitness Education and Guidance are simple exercises and movements that I suggest to most of my clients. These exercises and movements will empower you to transform your own health. Good health and improved fitness enables you to live your life to its fullest. You are less prone to medical conditions when you are both physically and mentally fit. Regular exercise can provide physical and mental health benefits. Physical exercise promotes bone strength and density, improves heart and lung function, and develops stronger muscles. Mental and emotional health benefits include stress reduction, improved sense of well-being, positive moods, and sound sleep.